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Logistic Nuts was added to the IPD’s export promotion program in 2018 and invited to take part in a dried fruits and nuts selling mission to Germany and the Netherlands. The program involved individual meetings with importers from the organic sector. Attendance at the two trade fairs SIAL 2018 and Anuga 2019 allowed the Egyptian exporter to gather comprehensive information on the demands of the European food market. The IPD also organized workshops and sales training sessions in the course of the trade fairs. As an outcome of their intensive advisory consultations with the IPD, of the support given to them by the IPD, and of their talks with European importers, Logistic Nuts decided to convert the cultivation of their peanuts to organic production methods.

The Egyptian company’s cropland is predominantly in the south of the country, close to its border with Sudan. The soils, which haven't been used previously for conventional farming, offer ideal conditions for the production of organic peanuts. Further acreage is located near Cairo. In addition to in shell peanuts, the company now also offers blanched and roasted peanuts.

Logistic Nuts in the meantime meets international standards for organic products, food safety and good agricultural practices with no fewer than four certifications (ORGANIC, ISO 2200, FSSC 22000, GLOBALG.A.P.). The company is one of the few organic suppliers in Egypt and has thereby gained itself a competitive advantage for exporting to Europe.

More information about IPD at: www.importpromotiondesk.de

More information about Logistic Nuts at: www.logisticnuts.com

Based on an article,

by Juddith Emmerling from IPD, on February 2020

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Peanuts are exported to the EU: Italy - Germany - Greece – Netherlands and to the Arab countries Such as: United Arab Emirates - Iraq - Turkey

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